Day 30

June 7th, 2019

After a casual, but hefty breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast potatoes and french toast, we finished packing the gear and brought it down to the lobby of the hotel.  A nice man offered us his truck to portage back to the river. Paul, Zach and I portaged the boats. We struggled, as we hadn’t portaged, really, in weeks.

On the river, we sweated through our first summer day paddling heavily loaded boats up the Saskatchewan River.  We talked to some locals fishing on the river who told us we could stay on their property up the river. We stopped to camp at a cabin that may or may not have been the aforementioned cabin.  Alfredo spaghetti with tons of pork sausage for dinner.


P.S.  Tonight’s dinner was the only dinner we did not finish! We left about one heaping spoonful, which was buried by Axel…after a valiant effort.  The meal consisted of pasta, alfredo, milk powder, cheddar cheese, parm cheese, pork sausage, bacon, pemmican, summer sausage, butter, oil and spices. It was wild!

After dinner some fishermen rolled through asking who we were since we camped on their friend’s property.  Arch & Guy said, “Ben probably wouldn’t mind if you camped here.” Then they offered to host us tomorrow night.  Perhaps we will do that. Thanks Ben, Arch & Guy!

Canadians are very kind.  It’s awesome!


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