Day 37

June 14th, 2019


Another good day today, 28 miles and much shorter as well.  We woke up at 5:00 AM, getting an extra hour of beauty sleep to recuperate from the 40 plus mile upriver day.  We got on the water at 6:30 AM and Quinn and I chose to try to attain the rapid beneath the road rather than pullover it as we had all done yesterday. The current ripped past our boat, pushing us toward the more shallow right shore.  I told Quinn we might need to bail and he thought I wanted him out right then. He tried to get out but it was too deep. We lost the lunch sack off the top of the wannigan and were lucky not to swamp. Everything worked out, but it could have gone south. We saw Dave on his lawn and bid him farewell one final time.

We knocked out some long morning stretches through burnout between the hillsides that cupped the river, making for a rugged aesthetic on the drone footage we captured.  We continued along the river following this pattern of long, upriver stretches followed by short, well-groomed portages. We attained one more rapid with a couple of fishing boats hollering support and portaged into Morand Lake.  We knocked off about 60% of the lake and camped at 4:00 PM, tired from the previous day and not wanting to push closer to Pelican Narrows. We bathed, ate and were able to connect on our phones. I called Wiper and we pivoted to a live drop on the 10th, as it is a much more attainable date for us to reach him by.  Hit the tents early to wake up early.

Lets get it.


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