Day 49

June 26th, 2019

Churchill River

Had a mix-up with the journal yesterday so I’ll be taking this one.  We woke up at 4:00 AM. Daddy once again served up some delicious oatmeal and strong coffee.  He added some cinnamon to the pot this morning, making for a lovely smelling cup that reminded me of the fragrant coffee from yesterday.  It’s all about routine and repetition baby, the two R’s.

We paddled across Dipper quickly and into another marshy paddle up the Churchill, where rocks are dwindling, and campsites are few.  Nothing like the Churchill we had grown to love. The talk of the morning was James’s sudden onset abdominal pain, so we stopped for an hour-long mid-morning nut break.  James chewed on some Pepto. He was better by our next stop.

The day was spent paddling, portaging and pulling up rapids.  We all seem very excited to get off the Churchill, to save our boats and our boots.  The pulling up these past 4 days has been slippery, wet, crushing and tedious. However, looks like we’ve camped past the last “real” rapid of the river, but don’t count your eggs.  Our campsite is called “Cross Island” named for the large metal cross that has impregnated its shore. A spray painted sign welcomes us, and we all feel very safe her, except Paul.


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