Day 60

July 7th, 2019


The Methye got us all today in some ways but at least we got most of it too.  After 8.3 miles of forward progress made, but 16 miles total walked, we camped at Rendezvous Lake with blisters, cramps, swollen knees and sore backs, with only 4 miles to go tomorrow

We started the portage headstrong and hopeful, attempting a one load Methye.  This involved overloaded Granite Gear, double loading, with boats and double loading the tin.  We loaded the boats to paddle up the stream, but our way was shut by a substantial beaver dam and we didn’t want to wet our feet before the 12 mile task ahead.  So we turned around, unloaded and began the portage on the left of the sign. Quickly water breached our boots as we stumbled through a mossy bog, encumbered by 140 pounds of arctic gear. 

Methye Break

A scare about a half-mile in made the decision to do the rest of the portage in 1.5 loads easy.  Quinn bent his knee awkwardly after slipping on a makeshift plank bridge. So a mile in we pivoted to our back-up plan.  We all walked five miles in, swapping around gear every half-mile. Then James, Quinn and I went back to where we left the 3 other packs.  While Zach, Ax and Paul walked to the lake with two canoes and the tin.

Both groups had it tough but we met back at mile 5 at the same time!  For the last 3 miles we swapped gear every half-mile, giving everything in us to make it to Rendezvous.


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