Day 63

July 10th, 2019

Author’s note – These events all took place yesterday.  Please do not hold this against me. Thank you for your cooperation.

Today we arose at 7:00 AM…simply this fact alone I knew it was going to be a splendid 24 hours.  We all congregated at a table in the dining room of Chez Dube (our Bed & Breakfast) where Karchara (the proprietor) cooked us bacon, eggs and strawberry banana yogurt pancakes accompanied by coffee, apple and orange juice.  The meal was absolutely sensational. Sitting at a table all together with Steve Heinle and enjoying a home cooked breakfast was therapeutic in a way; it felt like a vacation or something one might have feelings of guilt about since it is just so darn wonderful.

For the remainder of the morning we unloaded Zach’s car and handled all things resupply in Karchara’s garage. We packed food, made cuts on food and gear, replenished spices, oils, lotion, sanitizers, repaired packs and boats, put together boxes of gear and clothing for Steve to take back, but most importantly, we healed.

We went to A&W with Steve for lunch.  The boys smashed many a burger and countless liters of root beer.  Also, the poutine was on point; definitely should be more of a thing in the states.

After cultivating, Steve drove us back where we said our goodbyes.  Very quick turnaround but we were able to spend some quality time with a high quality human being.  Truly outstanding what he did for us and we are forever indebted to him.

Breakfast with Steve

Lazy afternoon of naps, laundry, calling loved ones and heavy amounts of candy consumption.  We sat back down at the table for a fried rice, chow mein, sesame chicken and dumpling – SMASH.  It was epic. I am running out of words to describe food/eating. After dinner, one room watched Inception while the other Dances with Wolves. Two very different but remarkable films.  

Glorious day in lovely Fort McMurray, Alberta.


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  1. QP,That brought back memories from 45 years ago when we came across a fishing camp on Red Rock Lake. It was owned by Ward Airlines and the crew was there setting up camp for the season. Red Rock comes right after Point Lake. They cooked us breakfast and we ate everything. We work with them for the rest of the day and they cooked dinner which we consumed along with anything that was not nailed down. Food was important. Full bellies felt great. Thank you for the reminder. Tom Hinman. Arctic ‘74

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