Day 64

July 11th, 2019


Woke up at 7:00 AM to a wonderful breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, hash browns, fruit and yogurt.)  We had a lot of things to do, so we divided and conquered the tasks so we could have a chill afternoon.  We finished all the gear repairs and headed to a sandwich shop called Mitchel’s around 2:00 PM. After that, we all did various errands.  We went back to the room, where I thought we would nap and lay low for the night since we would be leaving in the morning. The opposite happened.  After a few beers, we were all shirtless flexing our muscles and sending pics/videos to the Kooch family. We then went to a bar to play some pool until about 12:30 AM.  Quinn, Bram and I went to a 7-11 for food that was amazing. We all then went back to the hotel to sleep for a few hours.

Big day tomorrow.

– Jimmy

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