Day 70

July 17th, 2019

We woke up at 3:30 AM and got immediately on the water.  AT 4:15 AM, we had a floating breakfast of oatmeal and coffee.  We thought today was going to be long. We started paddling around 5:45 AM after a quick stop to answer nature’s call.  We did a couple stretches to nuts. After nut break, the current really started to pick up. We were moving at a similar pace to the Athabasca River.  We made it past Hay Camp for lunch where we had salami and cheese and floated roughly 5K. We ended lunch around 1:30 PM and did 2 one-hour stretches all the way to Fitzgerald, where Leif picked us up and drove us to his house in Fort Smith.  When loading up gear in his car, we found a butter explosion in the breakfast pack. Another disaster, but we will manage – we are used to these kinds of things. We are having spag. for dinner. Axel and Zach went out to the rapids with Natalie to have a few beers and watch the sunset.  We paddled 58.5 miles today and are ready for the rapids in the morning.



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