Day 82

Woke up around 7am and had a nice slow morning in the B&B. We checked out around 11am after watching Nelk boys on T.V while eating our breakfast. We went to the Wildcat café for lunch, which was amazing. We headed to the Jackpine Paddle outpost to pack the food we bought, and pack away our dry sacks. We had a nice conversation with Matt and David and a few other locals about our trip, and pushed off around 3pm. We paddled all the way to the first set of rapids and camped around 6:20. We logged 10 miles, and had chili mac for dinner with hot dogs. Well, sort of chili mac, as Axel forgot to add chili powder . So, it was “add it if you want it”. It’s great to be this far into the trip. We can smell the Coppermine. #Letsgetterdone.

Jackpine Paddle


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