Day 86

August 2, 2019

Another early and rainy morning paddle brought us to the beginning of Sandy Portage. As one might guess, it began at a beach. Like the ones before it, there was little indication of a trail. Bram, Ax, and Quinn went to scout the portage into Mossy Lake, while Zach while Zach went to look at the river. The group came back in about an hour and decided that, due to the “trails” length, we were better off pulling up the river. So we did. It took us almost all the morning to do three shorter portages into the river section to the right of Mossy Lake. It is quite apparent that this river’s reputation is well earned; quite a tough piece of topography to traverse. My exhaustion is compounded everyday. We managed to get to Icy Portage by mid-afternoon and found the beginning of the trail at a large floe of ice up an old, but very wide stream bed into the first unnamed pothole. Although it was a “little” longer, it would probably save us some time. We decided to camp a few minutes behind the portage, where it rained during mexican night. Everyone is in super good spirits, but the exhaustion is clear on everyone’s face.

Icy Portage

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