Day 107

August 23, 2019


We spent the day in the cabin.

Up at 7:00 AM – Moderately high winds and rains in the morning resulted in our decision to hold out for improved conditions…we brewed coffee a couple of times throughout the day. Played 500, read books, slept in tents and kept an eye towards the skies. By mid-morning the dark clouds had retreated and blue skies and a brilliant sun accompanies us the remainder of the day. I gathered a few more interviews and went for a short walk to a nearby knoll with Quinn. The sun casted a glorious light over a landscape I had seen almost exclusively in a dull overcast state the past week – the crimson red shrub that I first began noticing near Point Lake glowed with a brilliant gold eminence. I shall not soon forget. The termination of our trip is beginning to set in for me.

By the way, we laid-over at the cabin after receiving weather reports from Bev.

The sun is starting to set, Paul, Axel, Bram and James are playing quite possibly the longest game of 500 ever – Quinn is lying on the ground scrolling through photos on the Leica, and there are enthusiastic murmurs of an Aurora Borealis watching party this evening.


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