Day 77

July 24th, 2019

Great Slave Lake

Good Morning, Great Slave Lake

We were up at 3:30 AM – chocolaty oatmeal for breakfast.  The sun was starburst red. We paddled in between a few islands, sheltered from the wind.  As we rounded an island more densely covered with trees, we saw a baby moose and its mamma booking toward the shore.  

We made it to Wilson Island by lunch and climbed to the top of the tallest point to get a view of the crossing to Jackson Island.  There were a few whitecaps and the winds were blowing moderately so we opted to hold out until conditions improved. The group used that time to relax, recline, read and rest.  I found a plush spot nestled under a willowy bush and a mound of soft moose moss. The view of the lake was marvelous. The water is clear with a hint of emerald and rocks ranging from jagged to smooth dot the horizon.  

Bram prepared delicious chocolate chip pancakes for us and asked me to rank them from 6 to 9.  They received a 9 from me.  

By 1:30 PM, the winds had subsided and the way forward was clear.  We paddled a stretch to Jackson, passing a beautifully secluded beach on the north side that struck Quinn’s fancy – unfortunately, we had our eyes on the crossing to Caribou Island so we passed it to go ½ mile further down Jackson where the crossing distance is shortest.  

Whitecaps filled the space between the two islands so we are now camped at Jackson at a unique spot where our tent sites are on top of a large hill with sweeping views of the lake.  

Quinn made mashed potatoes and pemmican/sausage gravy for dinner – Que Rico!  Now at 5:00 PM we all head to bed in anticipation of our 2:00 AM wake-up.


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