Day 98

August 14, 2019

Starvation River

We began the day early, eager to knock our last day of portaging and to finally traverse into the Coppermine. We paddled the short distance out of the lake and into the river and were met with two falls portages. The river’s gradient was steep, providing an excellent view into the valley below. It was also a great change of pace to go downstream. Our third portage of the day ended up being semi-devastating, both long and filled with thicket traps and swamp. Between the steep drops were long sections of river winding through the stunning tundra landscape.

Starvation River

Later on in the afternoon, we ran into the final three bars before Point Lake. We portaged the first, due to an ominous calm at the beginning. We then ran the second and portaged around the third. It was a great feeling to put the boat down at the end, making the sixth of the day but also bringing our total to over 80 for the past two weeks.


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