Day 55

July 2nd, 2019

Buffalo Narrows

We intended to break camp by 4:00 AM but the torrid winds dissuaded us from any pretensions we might have about paddling Peter Pond Lake.  We slept in until 8 AM, our bodies welcoming the unexpected rest. After eating oatmeal, we separated into two groups. James and Bram stayed with the gear and tents while the rest of us accepted a short ride into town with a friendly local elder named Izadore.  We stopped at the “Friendship Center” Buffalo Narrow’s community center, where we were gifted with some small pendants made of beads and paperclips. The beadwork displayed a white symbol upon a blue background, an image we had seen displayed all over town, it is the Métis symbol.

Izadore showed us how turbulent the lake’s waters were.  We would not be paddling today. Izadore gifted us with 6 blankets and 6 more pendants before we said our good-byes.  He is extremely kind and we were all moved by his solicitude. We spent the rest of the morning in Subway drinking coffee, eating cookies and charging our electrical devices.  The weather remained cool, cloudy and rainy all day. Plan to have an early dinner and hit the tents. Ideally on the water by 3 AM.


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