Day 32

June 9th, 2019

Woke up to clear skies and cold temps.  Breakfast turned out to be a mix of “yogurt nuts” and oatmeal.  We bobsledded our boats down the muddy bank, leading them down to the log bridge to avoid stepping in the oppressive mud.  The initially calm morning turned into another windy disaster. By mid-morning we were battling both current and headwind once again.  I cannot believe this water is low and the current at points looks ironically fast. We ended up making it 17 miles by lunch but, unfortunately, fell asleep for 2 hours afterwards.  We woke up and decided to push further, but made it only three miles until camping next to an outcrop of rocks. We were moving up the shore at points right before the rivers delta. I took some ibuprofen to battle the swelling in my fingers from this morning, possibly the result of paddling mostly on one side.  There is currently a gull, making some annoying noise…


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