Day 102

August 18th, 2019


Our first full day on the river gave us a glimpse of her character. The water is high and seemingly shares our interest in descending quickly into the polar sea before the freeze-up. We slept in to avoid rain but eventually it was unavoidable. The rain continued in a light, ceaseless drizzle all day making us cold, wet, but not too grumpy. We had quinoa with special brown sugar cinnamon apple chunks for breakfast, it began our almost 40 mile day through numerous rapids.

The high water forced us to portage past a very large rapid early in the day, but the rest of the rapids were not as daunting. We shot everything else, only having to scout from land a handful of times. The rest of the shoots we trained down picking the line as we went.

After the last marked set, Quinn tried fishing because he knew camp was our next destination. After about 5 minutes, he hooked a 20-inch trout that gave a good fight. Unfortunately, it took at least another hour and 10 km to find something suitable. So, Mr. Trout got a free boat ride along our painter for longer than expected. Dinner was delicious and filling as we broke into our “extra” food for the first time tonight. I guess we’re feeling like we’re gonna make it soon.


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