Day 103

August 19, 2019


Another drizzly morning, so slow getting out of the bags. No big deal though. Yesterday’s mileage illustrated the strength of this current. We can easily paddle 30 to 40 miles per day and arrive at Kugluktuk in 5 or 6 days.

We ate some raw apples with our granola this morning, courtesy of Max Ward. We paddled beneath cloudy skies all day, though it was not nearly or chilly as yesterday. Highlight of the day was spying a white Arctic Wolf on the shoreline. He seemed like a curious bugger, as he followed us along the river during our lunch floater. We paddled another stretch after lunch and heard at least two wolves howling with one another from a top the muddy eskers. The entire experience was quite splendid.

We camped at 4:00 PM. Our site provided an excellent sand beach and a beautiful view of the river and tall, white eskers. The sun peeked through and everyone used the warmth to bathe and dry their clothing. I cooked mac n’ cheese burritos and half a meal of pemmy mashy. The calorie intake has been well received, and we all enjoyed monkey munch for dessert. A relaxed day. I am fine with that as it is one of our last.

This trip flew by, but we all understand it is coming to an end. Winter is coming. What an adventure it has been. I am surprised to say that on a scale of bitter to sweet, I am quite strongly weighted to the sweet side. This expedition was a noble endeavor. It is a good thing, and being one, it must necessarily come to its own end. But there are many more good things to come. The next adventure awaits. Confront the unknown willingly and courageously, and you will find your target. Aim high.


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